Early Signs of Pregnancy Summarised

Posted on Dec 31 2014 - 5:17am by Pregnancy Calculator Online

A pregnancy calculator is great for understanding where you may be at in your pregnancy. There are also a number of physiological signals your body will give that can be early signs of pregnancy:

Stopping Your Period

I know. This is quite an obvious indicator, and definitely the most common perceived indicator. This post is about early signs of pregnancy after all. Periods can also not occur, or come late due to inadequate nutrition, a highly stressed body, surgery, or major illnesses. Interestingly, some women can continue to have their periods months into the pregnancy, or even throughout the whole term.

Raised Body Temperature

The ovulation process will cause the release of the hormone Progesterone, with the pregnancy itself ensuring that those Progesterone levels stay at a high level. All this Progesterone flooding your body will cause your body temperature to rise. Therefore increases in your body temperature can be one of the preliminary tell-tale signs you may be pregnant.


Another guaranteed factor for early signs of pregnancy are cramps in the uterus. This is usually not anything sinister, and simply a result of the growing foetus pushing against the walls of the uterus. You will want to consult a physician if the cramps are accompanied by bleeding, however this can also occur in a normal pregnancy a swell. Do not conclude the worst until you have spoken with an expert.


Obviously, holding another life inside you creates a huge metabolic demand. Whilst your body adjusts to this you will experience bouts of fatigue and tiredness. Additionally, Progesterone as discussed has a sedative effect, further increasing tiredness. Honestly, it is better to listen to your body at these times, and sleep as often as you require.

Morning Sickness

Another popular well known indicator of pregnancy, ‘morning’ sickness can occur at any point during the day. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is the best way to stave off the sickness, which can be done by eating the right foods in the right quantities. You should also look into holistic means to prevent nausea, such as Ginger. Morning sickness usually hits the hardest in the first trimester, leading into the second. Some unlucky women encounter morning sickness for the entire pregnancy.


Certain physiological changes occur in the breasts when you are pregnant. This includes darker coloured, sore nipples. The nipples can become extremely sensitive and tender during this time. Veins can also become more noticeable in the breast area, and your areolas may darken and enlarge.

Frequent Urination

When you are pregnant, your body will release a hormone called HCG (if you’re curious what that is short for, hit up Google :)), which is going to cause you to urinate more frequently. This is because blood flow to the pelvic area is increased, which can cause irritation and pressure on the bladder. Accordingly you will feel the need to urinate more often, with less ‘coming out’ each time than when you are not pregnant.

Cervical Mucus

It sounds gross but may notice more of a discharge from your cervix when you are pregnant. The amount of mucus can vary from a little to a lot from person to person

Other Minor Indications:


Refined Sense of Smell;

Pimples & Acne (due to fluctuating hormones);


Changes in the appearance of your Vagina;


As you can see, in addition to utilising the pregnancy calculator, there are a lot of other factors you need to think about. If your condition is consistent with the above, you can take things a step further and consult your physician as to where to go from here.

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