Pregnancy Calculators, and Signs of Pregnancy – Let’s Talk

Posted on Jan 20 2015 - 10:21am by Pregnancy Calculator Online

“How many weeks have you been pregnant?” This is certainly one of the most common questions you will be asked as a recently pregnant woman. The best means of understanding where you are at in your pregnancy, and what you have to expect, is by utilizing a pregnancy calculator. The pregnancy calculator will take into account things such as the time of conception and your last menstrual cycle in determining what stage you are at.


A pregnancy calculator is a great means to support a conclusion as to whether you are pregnant or not. You can examine the symptoms and experiences mentioned in the pregnancy calculator, and see if they sync up to how you are feeling. Most pregnancy calculators will track and describe what kind of experiences you can expect for the full 42 weeks of pregnancy.

Signs of pregnancy differ from person to person so its impossible to give you a comprehensive and exact account of what you personally might experience. That said, there are a few signs of pregnancy which are generally experienced by all women. Whilst its important to understand these signs, please be aware they could be signs or symptoms of something else:

Missed Period – This is the first signal that you may be pregnant. After conception, the embryo implants itself on the uterine wall. You will experience blood loss (and spotting) and you’ll likely feel cramps in the muscles around the pelvic area and abdomen. Like I say though, it could always be a sign of something else such as stress, or infection.

Delayed Period – A delayed period can be another common sign of pregnancy. You can experience lighter blood loss during this delayed period, and in all likelihood it will be your last until the full term of the pregnancy. Again a delayed menstrual cycle can be for numerous reasons, fluctuating hormones, emotional pressure, or just general stress can be factors.

Tender Breasts – About two weeks into the pregnancy you may experience tender breasts. This is due to the release of specific hormones in response to being pregnant.

Fatigue – You will find that whilst you are pregnant you will tire far quickly than usual. This is because you are now responsible for nourishing another life.

These are typically beginning signs and symptoms experienced in the first full week of being pregnant. There’s no question that factors such as anxiety or flu can cause these types of signs or symptoms so the best way to ensure if you are expectant or not is by using a reliable pregnancy test. A the end of the day, the best approach is to consult a qualified professional.

Eight weeks into the pregnancy you will experience further signs and symptoms including nausea (yes, that includes morning sickness), lightheadedness and backaches. Some women are lucky enough to never experience morning sickness or debilitating nausea, but most of us will. Again, these symptoms (i.e. nausea, back aches, light headedness) can be indicators of other things, such as food poisoning, though most commonly they are associated with pregnancy.

Now that you’re aware of some signs of pregnancy, its up to you to consider your personal case. Refer to the pregnancy calculators, and for the sake of being sure, go talk to a professional who can properly diagnose the situation.

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