Pregnancy Tips – We Take Time Out To Explain the Most Common Principles to Follow in Your Pregnancy

Posted on Mar 20 2015 - 12:34am by Pregnancy Calculator Online

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Since its Friday, let’s keep it simple with some important pregnancy tips that are vital for you to know and understand when you conceive:

Pregnancy Tips – Rule 1: Proper Nutrition

The primary error expecting women make is taking in too many calories, under the belief that they are now ‘eating for two’. The fact is you are not eating for another fully grown adult human, but rather a developing child. A foetus developing in the womb only needs about an extra 300 calories per day. What you do need to ensure is that nutrition contains adequate amounts of protein, healthy fats, folate, zinc, iron and iodine.

Pregnancy Tips – Rule 2: Sleep

Whilst expecting, some women will sacrifice sleep in order to maintain the lifestyle they had prior to conceiving their child their child. The problem with this is, the release of certain hormones in your body as part of the pregnancy is inevitably going to cause you to fatigue quicker, and require more sleep most of the time. Its important you respect the inner workings of your body and get the required rest.

Pregnancy Tips – Rule 3: You Must Get Some Exercise

Sometimes its easy to become sedentary, especially into the second and third trimesters. Exercise is so important while you are expecting, as it is a way to maintain the joints in your legs and the muscles in your upper legs, pelvic area and lower back. These areas get a lot of use as you carry your unborn child and also into early parenthood.

Pregnancy Tips – Rule 4: Antenatal Care

Additionally fundamental is attending an antenatal class. Having constant contact with a good doctor and maternity consultant means you are fully informed on the progress of the pregnancy. Not only that, but its a way for these professionals to keep tabs on your health and ensure that you and your baby are progressing in a normal fashion.

Pregnancy Tips – Rule 5: Medication

Finally, you will not be able to simply go to the pharmacy and buy over the counter medication for any ailments you suffer. Any decision to buy medication will have to be considered in light of that medications’ safety for the unborn baby. If you are unsure, have a discussion with your doctor or maternity consultant to make sure you are not endangering your health or the babies.

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