Some of the Things You Think About Fertility May Not Be True, Despite Making Sense!

Posted on Mar 24 2015 - 12:39am by Pregnancy Calculator Online

When we mention your fertility here where talking about your ability to conceive a child from your partner’s sperm, and the fertility of your partners sperm. Obviously it takes two to tango, though there are now a number of solutions to fertility issues. Interestingly, a lot of people naturally assume they are still fertile at a given age whether because of their lifestyle, their health or other factors. Let’s consider what bearing certain things have on fertility.


Just because you get adequate vitamins from your diet, have a good nutrition regime of protein, carbohydrates and fats, good blood work, and exercise regularly will not guarantee that you have adequate fertility. A good 10 percent of couples in the prime birth giving age range will experience problems conceiving.

Let’s not go too far with this though. Being considered ‘obese’ will also reduce your fertility and chances of falling pregnant. On the opposite side of things, being underweight and malnourished will also reduce fertility. Ideally you should be with a normal range of BMI which sits between 19 and 25 on the index.

Issues with fertility do get more prominent as you age. Couples in their late 30s need to take a very strategic and targeted approach to achieving pregnancy, and above all exercise patience in trying to conceive. Older couples should try for half a year to conceive, and beyond that consult a medical professional regarding improving fertility.

In addition to all that, eating specific foods (trying some kind of hype-marketed fertility diet), engaging in specific sexual positions, or using specific contraceptives (but for a few isolated examples) will not tend to affect your fertility. The take home here is relax, don’t overthink your fertility. Try to conceive with your partner, and if you are unsuccessful seek assistance. There are now many methods around to help.

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