Your Pregnant Temperature Will Be Higher Than Your Regular Temperature, Take Note

Posted on Mar 27 2015 - 12:33am by Pregnancy Calculator Online

Your basal metabolic rate, that is the energy that you burn through during the day goes up dramatically whilst you are pregnant. At the same time you will find that your body temperature i.e pregnant temperature increases markedly as you progress in your pregnancy. This puts you at a higher risk of both dehydration and hypothermia.


Studies have established that developing fetuses can be affected by this heat as well, so its important you manage your pregnant temperature throughout all trimesters. This basically happens as heat causes a narrowing of the blood vessels which in turn reduces the transfer of things vital for the babies’ well being such as vitamins, nutrients and blood.

To keep tabs on your pregnant temperature, ensure you have access to an air-conditioned room that is affected by minimal sunlight. You do not need to be here 24/7 but it should be your primary resting location. Have your household ‘cooling’ itinerary together, ensuring you have wet towels, ice cubes, cold packs, cold sprays and gels on hand so you can apply them as needed to yourself.

Try to avoid going outdoors during mid morning and mid afternoon when the sun tends to be at its strongest, as your pregnant temperature is particularly sensitive during these times. Similarly, if you’re doing some low impact exercise outdoors whilst pregnant, the morning or the evening is preferable to during the day due to the risk of overheating. Because of its low stress on the joints and muscles, and the cooling effect of the water, swimming is a highly recommended exercise whilst pregnant.

Due to the higher risk of dehydration, caused in part by a higher pregnant temperature, ensure you have water handy at all times. To avoid the nasties in plastic bottles, invest in a few metal tumblers and have them ready to go in your fridge. Avoid stimulants and depressants during this time, this includes caffeine and alcohol, which should be a no-brainer for most people.

Remember to keep your clothes as comfortable and loose fitting as possible. Tight or too much clothing can raise your pregnant temperature. Slap on the sunscreen as well because during this time you will be more sensitive to sunlight.

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