Using a Pregnancy Calculator and The Primary Signs Of Pregnancy You May Experience

Posted on Mar 30 2015 - 12:55am by Pregnancy Calculator Online

How many weeks far along in your pregnancy do you think you are? It’s something you’ll wonder yourself, and get asked repeatedly by others. The web now has a plethora of pregnancy calculator applications that make that job pretty easy. Typically a pregnancy calculator will estimate where you are at based on your last menstrual cycle.


Let’s rewind a little, can a pregnancy calculator assist you to determine whether you are pregnant in the first place? Again, based on your menstrual cycle, your current symptoms and experiences since the expected date of conception, a pregnancy calculator can make an estimate. Most calculators can then track and predict what kind of things you can expect for the next nine months should you be pregnant.

Signs of pregnancy vary from woman to woman, so we can’t generate a list of things that will apply to everyone. Having a good working knowledge of these signs of pregnancy however is instrumental to ensure you know when to contact a doctor or maternity consultant. Though you’ll still experience some spotting when you are pregnant, a missed period is a primary indicator that you may have conceived. It could be something else as well, but it is definitely fundamental to conception.

Multiple missed periods form stronger signs of pregnancy. As I noted, you can still spot throughout pregnancy, but you’ll notice the volume is reduced. Even with multiple missed periods, you may not necessarily be pregnant. Inadequate nutrition, and the experience of stress, anxiety or depression can lead to menstruation ceasing as well.

Consider your menstrual cycles in view of other signs you may be pregnant. This will include an increased tendency to fatigue and be exhausted as your body floods with hormones and works to accommodate another life. In most cases you will begin to experience nausea and dizziness (i.e. morning sickness) on a regular basis.

Temper all of this with common sense. Utilise a pregnancy test, and consult with a doctor or a maternity consultant. Between the symptoms, the test, using a pregnancy calculator, and speaking to a qualified professional you will be able to confirm for sure whether you are pregnant.

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