Having A Miscarriage Is One Of The Hardest Things We Face as Mothers and Fathers

Posted on Mar 31 2015 - 12:32am by Pregnancy Calculator Online

Miscarriages can arise either due to problems with the development of the baby at the embryonic stage or later. Sometimes they can arise due to genetic factors. Technically a miscarriage occurs where the baby is lost 20 weeks into the pregnancy. Whilst a miscarriage is a common experience for many women, with up to 20% of expecting women experience it in their lifetimes, it can cause significant grief.


A miscarriage can come about due to a variety of factors. If you experience illness, or an infection of a high severity whilst you are pregnant, this can impact the embryo or fetus. Chronic or terminal illnesses can contribute as well. Abnormalities in a chromosome or in the uterus itself such as fibroid growths can result in miscarriage.

Consumption of alcohol, and smoking are factors in a miscarriage occurring. Recent research suggests that caffeine consumption also poses risks to expecting women. Lifestyle and historical factors play a role as well. Women who are under or over the recommended healthy weight for their height are more likely to experience miscarriage, as are women with a history of miscarriages.

If you think you are experiencing a miscarriage, you need to contact your doctor or maternity consultant right away. Some symptoms that you may notice include heavy spotting, and very severe cramping and pain in the abdominal region. This pain can also spread to the pelvic area and lower back.

Physically, a miscarriage involves heavy bleeding and cramping. The extent of this will depend upon how far along you were prior to the miscarriage. You will be consulting with a doctor at this point who will provide you with medication to assist.

The physical side is one aspect of the miscarriage. It will be very emotionally difficult to go through. At first it will not be real, that is you will experience somewhat of a shock, followed by grieving. It can also be quite frustrating and disappointing, for both you and the partner you were pregnant with. Allow yourself to lean on your family and loved ones, let time pass and heal the pain. Though it is very painstaking, gradually you can get back to your normal life, and be happy again.

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