Signs Of Labour – Experiences or Sensations You May Have That Suggest The Onset Of Labour

Posted on Apr 2 2015 - 1:12am by Pregnancy Calculator Online

Signs of labour vary across women. Because of this there is no simple precise way to determine the things you are going through are signs of labour. That said, there are common sensations that women will experience during the prelude to labour, and early labour. Below we consider these sensations and what you should do if you believe you are experiencing signs of labour.


Signs of labour will be characterised by painful contractions that will occur more frequently than you regular contractions. They will be longer and sharper as well. This can typically be accompanied by very strong lower back pain and menstrual cramps, beyond the usual cramping you would have experienced to date in your pregnancy.

Also examine your excretions. If your water has begun to break, that is, your amniotic fluid has begun to leak, this is a primary indicator you are going into labour. This can be accompanied by a brownish reddish discharge of mucus. This is one of those signs of labour that suggest labour is imminent. In either case you must contact your maternity consultant straight away.

Typically contacting your maternity consultant can start with a phone call, from the tone of your voice and the frequency of contracting, along with the description of your experience, they may be able to tell then and there whether you are experiencing signs of labour. In most cases, you will likely need to visit your hospital or birth centre and have a proper assessment made.

You may be in early labour, which means the active labour is still a little off. The best means of coping in early labour is distracting yourself from the increasing contractions and discomfort. Watch a movie or two, talk with your partner, go for a short walk. Get your mind off the labour, as it will occur soon enough.

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